Rays Racing Wheels – TE37V – Bronze – 15 x 7 – 4 x 100



Product Description

Rays Racing Wheels – TE37V – Bronze – 15 x 7 – 4 x 100

Infamous for the
origin of the forged sports wheel

The first model was a 15 inch with a startling 3.7kg, thus TE37. This model would be known decades later as the origin of forged sports wheel and is considered one of the masterpieces from Volkracing. Excellent stress variance with a calculated 6 spoke design offering various ranges in sizes and model variations.

One of the best wheels on the market, no matter what car you own, Japanese or German, these will definitely set your rider apart form the norm.

We import these direct from Japan, anything they have we can source for you. Whats more we sell them at the Original Retail prices.

Just Send us an Email with what you are looking for, and we will get back to you with the price and lead time.

The price for this product is this size and spec only. Price is per single wheel.

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Wheel Brand

Rays Racing Wheels


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